Improve quality and reduce time-to-market - thanks to intelligent software for automated test equipment

Today, products must be brought to market faster, at lower cost, and with less risk than ever before. However, engineers must and should focus on product improvement and new product development, but not on the fundamentals of production.
To eliminate the risk of defective products, they should be inspected by an end-of-line test bench before delivery to ensure both product and process manufacturing quality.

The PROMED Test Suite provides engineers with a complete application framework for testing products, as well as for process control and traceability. Founded in 1982 in Soest and operating as an independent PROMED Soest GmbH since 2006, the company has specialized for more than 30 years in the construction of automated test systems (ATE) for end-of-line testing, as well as the design and manufacture of sophisticated prototypes, and has also been offering the PROMED Test Suite as a universal software solution for some time.

Standards instead of vendor lock-in

Instead of having to deal with custom scripting languages and their peculiarities, the Test Suite relies on the standardized, beginner-friendly programming language C#/.NET Framework from Microsoft, which significantly minimizes the learning curve for newcomers. Thanks to the open-source test sequence, existing proprietary or external libraries, for example for device communication via CAN/LIN or VISA, can also be integrated and reused at any time without great effort. Thanks to this hardware agnosticism, the platform is versatile and does not require any additional special hardware from the manufacturer.

More than just function control - ensuring quality

In addition to the standard functions for function control of electronic assemblies, PROMED Test Suite also provides various tools for process and quality monitoring. For example, the software can be used to perform entire measurement system analyses in process 1 and 2 and then evaluate them automatically. With the statistics tools, Process Performance and Process Capability can be analyzed and evaluated, and the built-in search lets you search and display old production data by, for example, serial number, lot number or date.
Durch eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten zum Datenexport und zur automatischen Erstellung von Fehlerprotokollen lässt sich die Software in jede Unternehmensphilosophie integrieren.

Reduce time to market (TTM)

Thanks to its dynamic architecture, the Test Suite offers perfect support for integrating different test variants into the same testing process. Instead of elaborately programming software for all different variants and versions, programming only has to be done once. Different settings, such as different voltage supplies or complex interconnections, can be stored in the software as dynamic parameters specific to the assembly and then used in the test program.

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