Test and Inspection Concepts

To ensure high quality of new products, possibilities for in-circuit and end-of-line testing should be already considered during the development process. The test strategy should be well considered so that failures can be detected and minimised. Generally, test concepts are influenced by throughput, design decisions and of course available budget.
PROMED helps you to develop an optimal, feasible test concept for your specific product, taking into account the above-mentioned influences. On request, we will develop a test specification for you that defines the test procedure, test conditions and limit values, as well as a requirements specification for the test development.
The testing concept does not necessarily have to be developed during the design and development phase - we are also happy to develop such specifications for finished products afterwards, e.g. for the RMA process.
State of the Art Test Solutions
Development of a test strategy in cooperation with the client according to his needs
Definition and implementation of test concepts according to the test strategy
Use of design-for-test methods
Knowledge Transfer
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