Analog electronic loads

analog electronic load in 19" enclosure

Since 1985 we have been manufacturing analogue electronic loads for the following applications

• Power supply unit testing
• Power amplifiers, assemblies
• Batteries, rechargeable batteries, DC-DC converters
• Automotive
• Generators
• Laboratory, test field
• Fuel and solar cells
Analogue electronic load in IP64 housing

Enclosure versions

The analogue current sinks are not only available in 19" technology. The splash-proof housings, protection class IP64, enable test series in special application environments, e.g. on a motor test bench.

• 19"-Technique
• mobile
• For harsh environments, splash-proof
• mobile - for operation in the car
• Modular technology for the test field, burn-in systems
• Remote control optional
Analogue electronic load in modular technology for burn-in systems


The control can be analogue or via RS485 - optionally, various interfaces for control are possible:

• RS-232
• IEE 488
• analogue
• Ethernet

For BurnIn systems, PROMED supplies current sinks as open-frame modules or as 19" components. These can be interconnected to form complete systems according to your specifications.
Mobile analogue current sink designed for use in automotive onboard testing

Modes of operation:

All our analogue electronic loads can be manufactured and supplied according to customer specifications. The loads offer the following operating modes:

• Constant current
• Constant voltage
• Constant resistance
• Constant power output
• Pulsed operation optional
• Working range from 0 volt optional

We also offer many of our electronic loads for rent.
Ask for the right device for your application!

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