Development of electronic assemblies

PCB development, layout and routing
PROMED has many years of experience in the design of assemblies and circuit boards for industrial applications. We do not only implement your specifications for the circuit development, but also pay attention to possible requirements which series production and quality testing may entail.

On your request, we can assist you at every stage of the project, from circuit design and unbundling to assembly and testing of initial samples and small series, as well as test and inspection equipment construction for series production.

Digital IO module


Up to 60 relay switching outputs




CAN bus connector, 2-fold, routed through

Features of the IO module

CAN bus communication, galvanically isolated
Adjustable CAN bus baud rate: 250k/ 500k/ 1M bit/s
Several modules in a CAN bus network can be set via ID address switches
RS232 communication, galvanically isolated
20, 40 or 60 relay switching outputs with feedback contact monitoring at a sampling rate of 3 kHz
For each switching channel: Detection/testing of the bounce time, change of the feedback contact level
For each switching channel: Counting the change of state/ actuation frequency
2x temperature inputs for external temperature sensors (NTC)
4x inputs for voltage measurement, 0-48V measuring range
Firmware update via RS232 or J-Tag interface
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