Prescription Printer SP40plus

Dot matrix printer for outpatient clinic, hospital, medical care centres & medical practice
Prescription Printer SP40plus

What should be considered when buying a prescription printer?

Safe handling of the printed material, no tearing. No smearing, no "getting stuck" and tedious fishing of forms out of the printer.
Whether thick multiple sets or thin prescriptions, DIN A6, DIN A5 or DIN A4, head-glued, foot-glued, label or multi-folded patient card - everything has to be printed quickly and without problems in the hectic daily routine.
Fast feeding of the different documents, best put in somewhere at the printer.
High speed of the whole working process, ejection at the front side
Economical in energy consumption, economical in material consumption
Good integration options in your IT environment, good diagnostic tools in case of error
Quick ribbon change, low maintenance costs

Standard in the health sector

 We use the SP40plus in university hospitals, medium-sized and smaller hospitals, as well as in doctors' surgeries and medical care centres.

Secure paper handling with the SP40plus dot matrix printer

The SP40plus forms printer is particularly suitable for the hectic and busy environment of outpatient clinics and doctors' surgeries, as it handles the receipts very securely. The automatic alignment of the prescription, the accurate edge detection, and the automatic continuous paper thickness adjustment are the outstanding and most important features of the dot matrix printer for the staff. No matter where and at what angle the receipts are fed, the form is aligned quickly and straight, the margin is always detected accurately and the receipt is printed correctly. Take a look at our videos! We show you how it works!

Environmentally friendly and low maintenance

The SP40plus dot matrix printer does its part to reduce environmental impact by, for example, turning off the display panel when not in use, reducing standby power consumption to less than 3.5 watts. The environment and users alike will enjoy long-lasting consumables such as the 10-million-character ribbon and the print head, which is top of the line with a 400-million-character lifetime. Thanks to the robust and durable construction and the low-maintenance concept, as well as the reduction in material consumption, the recipe printer is very resource-friendly.

Communicative without borders

The SP40plus prescription printer has all common interfaces and comes with certified drivers for Windows 2000 - Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit) incl. Server 2012 - signed, as well as Linux (Ubuntu). It can emulate numerous printers (EPSON LQ2550/1170 (LQ 570), Olivetti PR2/PR40plus/PR2845, Wincor HPR 4915 IBM: Personal Printer 2390+, Proprinter XL24 (AGM), 4722, 9068, Unisys EFP) and thus replace another printer at any time without having to replace the entire printer fleet. With Epson compatibility, the dot matrix printer is particularly suitable for use in the healthcare sector.

Quick commissioning

Mark your desired settings on the printed configuration sheet and feed the configuration created in this way to the printer (see video!). The SP40plus matrix printer scans the sheet, acknowledges your changes with a mark and is ready with the desired changes after a restart. With this configuration printout you can set up as many recipe printers as you like, simply feed the sheet in the printer's configuration mode - restart - done! So put the configuration sheet aside for the next purchase of an SP40plus.

Alternatively, use the REMOTE-SETUP-TOOL from our download area. The version of the SP40plus recipe printer with LAN connection can also be configured via browser.

For LAN units, configuration is also possible via a web browser.

Help, service and maintenance

After-sales service is a top priority at PROMED. Of course, we carry out all repair work on the dot matrix printers we supply, both within and outside the warranty. Since the devices are designed for a long service life, a repair is worthwhile in most cases. We will provide you with a cost estimate free of charge usually within 24 hours of receiving the prescription printer. We keep all spare parts in stock for all dot matrix printers we supply, including all ink ribbons.
Free firmware updates and sensible changes in the configuration of the dot matrix printers are free of charge and are part of our customer service. In case of problems with the set-up of the matrix printers and in case of malfunctions, you can always reach us by phone during business hours. Often, problems can also be solved by email exchange. Most of the time it is only a small problem, such as an incorrectly closed print basket or an incorrectly inserted ink ribbon, which can cause a malfunction.

Technical data


24-needle matrix printer


Horizontal: 60, 120, 180, 240, 360

Vertical: 72, 90, 180, 216, 360


Draft, Courier, Gothic, Prestige, Presentor, Script, OCR-A/B, Boldface


UPC A/E, EAN 8/13, Code 11/39/93/128, ADD-ON 2/5, BCD, MSI, 2/5 Interleaved, 2/5 Matrix

2/5 Industrial, Postnet, Codabar

Standard emulations:

IBM Personal Printer 2390+, Proprinter XL24-XL24AGM, Epson LQ2550/LQ1170, IBM 4722

Olivetti PR40plus/PR2/PR2845, IBM 9068, HPR 4915

Print width:

65 - 244 mm, max. 94 characters @10cpi, 112 characters @12cpi, 141 characters @15cpi

Printing speed:

VHSD (580cps), HSD: 520 cps DRAFT: 400 cps, NLQ: 200 cps, LQ: 133 cps

Paper types:

Single sheets (length: 65 - 470 mm), envelopes, labels, passbooks (horizontal & vertical)

Form sets (40gr/m² to 200gr/m² - thickness: 0,65mm to 2,7mm)

Carbon copies:

1 original + 6 copies

Special features:

Automatic alignment of documents, automatic edge detection, optical recognition of marks


LCD display, 2 lines with 16 characters each

Standard: Parallel, Seriell, USB 2.0, optional: Ethernet 10/100


Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32-64 Bit), Windows 7+10 (32-64 Bit)


<54 db(A) ISO 7779 with ECMA 132 text


24 needles - service life: 400 million characters (draft)

Operational reliability:

MTBF > 10,000 hours - MTTR (average repair time): 16 minutes

Power consumption:

Pressure: 60 W; ready: < 3 W; switched off: 0 W


396x200x295 mm (WxHxD)


8 kg
Wasserfuhr 5
59494 Soest
P: +49 2921 969 73-0