Automated Test Equipment for Functional Testing

Innovative, automated functional tests enable you to sustainably improve and secure your product quality. In addition to simple functional testing, test benches must also fulfil traceability, process control and quality requirements and be constantly available. Our solutions offer these and many other advantages.

An edition for each benefit

We offer a wide range of testing systems: Bench-Top, Compact System, Workplace System, Combination Tester with In-Circuit-Test functionality and In-Line or fully automated systems.

Wide Range of bed of nails fixtures

Mechanical, pneumatic or vacuum bed of nails fixtures (optionally modular with or without exchangeable cassette), test fixtures with subrack, pneumatic or fully automatic adaptations.

Intelligent Software Solutions

Test sequencer software with traceability, process control, MSA 1 and MSA 2 execution and evaluation, dynamic test sequences, autolearning and much more.

Field Tested

We have been developing and manufacturing test systems for electronic assemblies, brakes, batteries, alternators and other assemblies since 1984.

Modular system

All our automatic test stands are modular in design so that they can be easily extended or modified and adapted to new test conditions.

guaranteed capability of measuring

Our test systems are supplied with proof of measuring equipment capability 1, optionally determined with the aid of a sample, a specially developed dummy or golden sample.


The use of high-quality mechanics, electronics and control units or controllers ensure longevity, often beyond the service life.

easy to use

Easy to use software and intuitive user interfaces are a must for top of the line test stands today.


Whether for high or low volume, static and dynamic testing, communication tests or component calibration, Flexibility is always available.

state of the art and reliable

The use of the latest technology, both in hardware and software, gives our systems the decisive advantage.

Case Studies

Functional testing system as universal tester for various analogue modules of a manufacturer for emergency lighting systems
The following test systems were implemented according to customer specifications. The test sequence was realised with the PROMED Test Suite. With a view to the future, most test stands are designed with modular test adapters (bed of nails fixtures or similar).

Bed of nails fixtures were also used for contacting in this case study. With our modular system, the test fixtures can be swapped to test more products on a single system, minimising the cost of purchasing multiple test systems.

The illustrated test stand was developed for testing various assemblies for controlling and monitoring emergency lighting systems. Due to the very universal design, it is quickly possible to test different assemblies and circuit boards with this system; only the corresponding interchangeable adapter has to be connected to the functional test system. The PROMED Test Suite was used as the test sequencer.
Interchangeable adapter of a functional test system for testing a PCBA
Features of the functional test system presented:

• AC power source 0-300VAC, 0-3A, 1KVA
• DC Source 0-300VDC, 0-5A
• Electronic AC/DC load 0-300V/0-3A
• 3x PROMED programmable DC sources PLQ 8811
• 1x PROMED programmable DC load PEL
• Digital I/O matrix cards, LED colour detection module
• Frequency Counter Keysight 53210A
• Digitale I/O Matrixkarten, LED-Farb-Erkennungsmodul
• 19" industrial PC, GoDex label printer
• Interfaces for communication tests: LON, CAN, RS485, Ethernet
Functional test system with bed of nails fixture for a three-phase power supply unit
Case Study: Functional test system for three-phase power supply unit

This test bench with bed of nails fixture tests a "wide-range input" power supply with about 560W output power. One of the challenges was to provide 1-3 phase DUT input voltages AC and a DC input voltage approaching 1000V. An intelligent AC/DC voltage matrix avoided the use of a full-featured, but highly expensive AC source.

The two output voltages, which can also be used as parallel-connected outputs, require precise voltage balancing. In a special pre-test, the output voltages are determined under a special load situation. Afterwards, a calculated recommendation is given to the tester via a dialogue on how to set trim bridges in order to equalise the output voltage.
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