Test systems for the determination of non-electrical quantities

In addition to in-circuit testing (ICT) and functional testing (FKT), we also offer automated test benches for measurements and tests of all kinds. Functional tests and measurements can also be combined and thus electrical and mechanical testing can be executed together.

Special Purpose Test Equipment for various non-electrical or combined measurements

Mechanical Measurement

Measurements of dimensions, distances, height profiles, drillings and edges; even parallelities can be measured using indirect reference points.

Thermal Testing

For example, determining thermal stabilities during burn-in or continuous load increase testing.

Destructive Testing

Selective quality assurance testing by destructive testing, e.g. for fuses or varistors

Optical Measurement

Image matching, display tests, pattern recognition, object recognition, distance and angle measurement between two recognised objects, colour depth and tones, barcode and QR code scan.

Incl. Safety Concept

On request, we supply all our testing systems with a complete safety concept in accordance with the Machinery Directive, for example: light barriers, safety sensors or safety laser scanners.

Extensive Software

Our test equipment can also be supplied with the PROMED Test Suite as testing sequencers, in this case you will receive all the advantages such as traceability, process control, MSA 1 and 2 and many other features too.

Case Studies

Test bench for measuring thermal stability

This customer specific test bench is used for the standard-compliant testing of varistors at a voltage of up to 5kV. All relevant measurement data is collected 60 times per minute.

The test object (varistor) is connected to a DC voltage and current is applied in 2mA steps. Each current step is maintained until thermal stability is reached (ΔT < 2K in 10 minutes).

The DuT is continuously monitored from both sides with two infrared cameras. The temperature is measured once per second at the hottest spot. The thermal image from the camera is displayed live in the PROMED Test Suite test sequencer.

An integrated fire extinguishing system floods the test cabin when the varistor ignites.

Load change testing device for measuring spring contacts

With this test device, the contact resistance and the spring force of the spring contacts are determined over the service life. The cycles of the test sequence are adjustable between 1 and 1 million. The measuring cycles are also adjustable:

• Measurement at each cycle
• Measurement at every 10th cycle
• Measurement at every 100th cycle
• Measurement at every 1000th cycle
• Measurement at every 10000th cycle
• It is also possible to combine the five
• Choices
Test bench for recording the change in spring force/resistance and any changes in length of spring contacts due to actuation
The spring contacts are mounted on a removable plate and can be tilted by 15° (in steps of 0.1°). The force with which the spring contact is pressed is measured at each stroke via corresponding electronics. At the same time, the contact resistance of the spring contact is measured and transmitted to a connected industrial PC. In order to keep the cycle times short and to exclude the wear of relays during the measurement, one measuring device per channel was used for the resistance measurement.

Test bench for bus and rail components

This test stand is used for function testing and automatic measurement of components for buses and rails.

During the function test, the component is first electrically tested. In addition to various electrical properties, the travel paths of motors, the functionality of brakes and locks, as well as ultrasonic and force sensors are also checked.

The component is then measured fully automatically. Not only the dimensions, but also drill holes, slotted holes, bolts, parallel alignment and profiles play a role.

The entire system is placed on height-adjustable feet. The measurements are carried out with lasers that can be moved to any point on the measuring table via a 3-axis system with gantry.
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