Needle Printer PrinterVplus

Dot matrix printer for outpatient clinic, hospital, medical care centres & medical practice

What should be considered when buying a prescription printer?

Safe handling of the printed material, no tearing. No smearing, no "getting stuck" and tedious fishing of forms out of the printer.
Whether thick multiple sets or thin prescriptions, DIN A6, DIN A5 or DIN A4, head-glued, foot-glued, label or multi-folded patient card - everything has to be printed quickly and without problems in the hectic daily routine.
Fast feeding of the different documents, best put in somewhere at the printer.
High speed of the whole working process, ejection at the front side
Economical in energy consumption, economical in material consumption
Good integration options in your IT environment, good diagnostic tools in case of error
Quick ribbon change, low maintenance costs

Particularly reliable

In the hectic day-to-day operations of hospitals and doctors' surgeries, dot matrix printers must function reliably and trouble-free, because the focus should be on the patient. Our prescription printer has been manufactured millions of times and is also used worldwide in savings banks, municipalities and in the postal system.

The PrinterVplus dot matrix printer is convenient to use

The document is automatically aligned - the printer always reliably finds the edge of the paper - no matter where the printed material is placed. The print head always keeps the correct distance to the document - it is not "smeared" or even torn. And best of all: a hastily inserted recipe or multiple set of AU's may also have a dog's ear - our dot matrix printer PrinterVplus does not hold this against you and masters the situation. Have a look at our videos!

Economical in consumption

The colour ribbon for the practice printer costs less than 5 euros and lasts for 8,000 - 10,000 prescriptions. This price-performance ratio is unmatched. The printout is lightfast, smudge-proof and waterproof. The prescription printer for the doctor's office has a high print throughput and can easily produce several copies or carbon copies.

Communicative without borders

The PrinterVplus is delivered in the standard version with parallel, serial & USB interface, optionally it is available with LAN connection. The LAN interface is conveniently configured via a browser.

Prescription printers with certified drivers

The dot matrix printer has been tested and tried on many HIS systems (SAP, Orbis, etc). We can provide you with references in advance on request. Due to the IBM emulation, it can also be used in software solutions for medical practices.
The drivers (IBM emulation, also 64 bit) are certified for all common operating systems (also Windows 10) and are available in our download area.

Technical data


24-needle matrix printer




OCR A-B, Roman, Sans Serif, Italic, Courier

Character width:

10 / 12 / 15 / 16.6 / 17.1 cpi

Printing speed at 10 cpi:

• VHSD: 560 characters per second
• HSD: 510 characters per second
• Draft: 370 characters per second
• NLQ: 185 characters per second
• LQ: 125 characters per second
• Graphics: 2000 dots per second

Line length:

238.76 mm(94 characters at 10 cpi)

Line spacing:

1/5", 1/6", n/216", n/240"

Carbon copies:

1 original + 6 carbon copies


seriell, parallel, USB 2.0, optional LAN


Olivetti Standard, IBM PP/X24


<54 db(A) ISO 7779 with ECMA 132 text

Paper guide:

• Paper width up to 245 mm
• Full flat bed feed
• Automatic print positioning
• Automatic adjustment to the paper thickness
• (e.g. prescriptions, AU's with carbon copies, referrals)

Power consumption:

min. 6.5W - max. 85 W(prints)


384x296x204 mm (WxHxD)


10,5 kg
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